The Estate

Where landscape and agritourism come together for an experience that leaves its mark.

vacanza soggiorno agriturismo tenuta la torraccia orte

Reaching the Estate

The ideal place to spend your holiday and forget the outside world

You leave the paved road to reach the estate and a long, well-kept and illuminated country road will welcome you. You immediately realise to be in the right  place, away from the chaos and surrounded by greenery. The track continues  between the wood and hazel groves.

After few meters  a brown tuff tower will  rise from the landscape: that is Torraccia, the farmhouse with our apartments. You will find a large parking area where you can leave your car, here you can shut down your engines  and.. welcome to Tenuta la Torraccia!

The estate extends over a charming place: a valley where hills rise and fall strecthing  to the horizon, a landscape dotted with woods and cultivated fields.

In 2009 we started the agritourism activity,  after a renovation of the medieval tower and the old farmhouse. The apartments are carefully furnished in typical rustic style; there is a common area where you can enjoy our breakfast and  a cellar for wine. The farmhouse is our pride and our love, its beauty enchants guests who come to us from all over the world.

The estate has a swimming pool always perfectly clean and many green spaces, including an outdoor barbecue area. The lawns are a perfect setting for children to feel free and play, so there are also a slide and swings. Furthermore, in the area there are several paths to explore the estate and get some exercise.

la torre medievale tenuta la torraccia

The Ancient medieval tower

It dates back to 1400, nowadays it is a farmhouse for your holidays

The medieval tower was built by the Torriani family, originally from Milan. It was probably between the end of the ‘300 and the early  ‘400 that the family decided to build a small castle through the woods, in a place that was then called "Fosso dei Ruscelli" or "Valle del Rivo".

Close by Valle del Rivo was the ancient Roman road Amerina, the very important channel of communication which used to link Rome to the districts of Marche and Umbria before the collapse of the bridge occurred in 1514.

We assume that the medieval castle was built on the remains of a late Roman or an earlier Middle Ages defensive tower because of its strategic site and the presence of ancient travertine rocks.

During the second half of the 16th century Turriani Castle became the summery residence of the famous poet and writer Antonio Deci of Orte. He lived in Rome as one of the main lawyer of the Roman Court, but he  used to return to his native town very often. 

The illustrious writer spent long periods of his life in the Castle, and given his close friendship with  Torquato Tasso, we assume that also the great poet might have come  for a visit to Deci’s historic residence in Orte.

In the 17th century inexplicably the castle became deserted, so we couldn’t have  any its historical accounts anymore. Just in that time, the inhabitants of Orte started calling the remains of the castle with the name of “Torraccia” because of the dark and surreal feelings that the old tower inspired to them.

In the 19th century a farmhouse was built at the side of the tower by the settlers who worked the surrounding land. The tower started to be called “Zelli Tower” or “Zella Tower” and now that gives the  name to the address of the whole area.

Today the complex maintains its original structure, a real example of an ancient fortress situated in a strategic area.

la torre medievale tenuta la torraccia


Keeping in touch with our guests after their holiday at Tenuta La Torraccia is something that we really care about. This is why we have opened our newsletter, by which you can get the latest news about the agritourism and the land around us.

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